How do you make your promotional exhibition stand a showstopper, get it talked about and recommended by visitors? Simply covering it in your brand logo and hoping for the best isn’t going to get sales flooding in.

Increase sales and boost interest

At trade shows, everybody is fighting to be noticed in a sea of brand messages, so telling your story in the most eye-catching way possible is essential. So too is making sure that your stand is a place that visitors are happy to spend time around.

At Promo Sapien, we can supply you with all the promo exhibition products you need to draw a crowd – everything you need to make your stand a success.

Make sure your stand stands out

Portable exhibition stands are quick and easy to set up and designed to display your branding prominently with a minimum of effort ­–that way you’ll spend more time promoting your business or services. Once your  exhibition is over, just pop the stand in its carry case and off you go. It’s totally hassle-free.

Easy and effective

Another must-have promo exhibition product is a roller banner. Roller banners are perfect for showcasing your brand on the move as they can be assembled quickly and are available with high-quality custom printed graphics. Just pull the graphic out of the base and attach it to the top of the pole. Simple.

Fly the flag

Promotional flags for exhibitions are another great way of drawing attention to your brand, premises or even an outdoor event. Available in a wide range of shapes, promo flags are weatherproof so they’ll continue to look great whatever mother nature can throw at them.

Get your logo into the hands of customers

Of course, no promotional exhibition area is complete without a selection of desirable giveaways for potential clients to take away with them. Flyers, mugs, pens, T-shirts – we can provide them all in your business branding to make sure you look good and your business looks great.

Premium roller banner

Premium roller banner unit in four sizes Includes graphic 0.85m/1m/1.5m/2m wide × 2m high (850mm/1000mm/1500mm/2000mm × 2000mm) Bespoke-printed graphic printed on 400gsm anti-curl, anti-scuff,

Mid range roller banner

A low-profile mid range roller banner available in four widths Includes graphic 0.85m/1m/1.5m/2m wide × 2m high (850mm/1000mm/1500mm/2000mm × 2000mm) Bespoke-printed graphic printed on

Budget roller banner

Our budget roller banner and best-seller Includes graphic 0.85m/1m/1.5m/2m wide × 2m high (850mm/1000mm/1500mm/ 2000mm × 2000mm) Bespoke-printed graphic printed on 400gsm anti-curl, anti-scuff,