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Leather wallet with coin pocket and capacity for three cards. This wallet is supplied in a gift box.

ALBA. Lip balm

Lip balm with spherical metallic ABS packaging. This lip balm has SPF15 UV protection.

ANISTON. Set of 6 nail files

Set of 6 files supplied in cardboard box.

BARDOT. Lip balm

Lip balm with cube-shaped packaging in metallic ABS. This lip balm has SPF15 UV protection.


The BARRYMORE leather wallet has a coin pocket and can hold 9 cards. This wallet is supplied in a gift

BLUS. Anti-stress

Anti-stress PU foam, drop-shaped.

CHILL. Anti-stress

Anti-stress PU foam, ball-shaped.

CLAUDE. Plaster holder

Plaster holder with 5 pieces included.

CORDEN. Heat pouch

PVC heat bag that generates heat instantly. This promotional product is a reusable product.

DAMON. Hand sanitizer

Spray hand sanitizer with lid and capacity up to 10 ml.

DANIEL. Wallet

Cork card holder with capacity for 4 cards and compartment for bills. This environmentally friendly card holder is supplied in

DEEP. Anti-stress

Anti-stress PU foam, heart-shaped.

DIAZ. Manicure set

Imitation leather manicure set that includes 5 accessories.


Bright leather wallet with 3 bill compartments, 1 zippered compartment, 1 coin pocket, 6 additional pockets and capacity for 7


Leather wallet with 2 bill pockets, 1 coin pocket, 3 additional pockets and a capacity for up to 4 cards.

HOFFMAN. Pill box

PP pill box with 3 compartments.

HOUS. Anti-stress

Anti-stress PU foam, house-shaped.

JENETTE. Manicure set

Six-piece stainless steel manicure set, supplied in imitation leather pouch.