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ANIM. Colouring set

Painting set in cardboard box. This set includes 6 colouring pencils, 1 sharpener and 15 drawings to paint.

BIRD. Pencil box with 6 coloured pencils

Cardboard box with 6 colouring pencils.

CUCKOO. Colouring book

25 page colouring book.Colouring pencils not included.

CYLINDER. Pencil box with 12 coloured pencils

Cylindrical cardboard box with 12 colouring pencils.

DOODLE. Drawing set

Drawing set in wooden box. This set includes a 20 cm ruler, six colouring pencils, a graphite pencil, a sharpener

DRAWS. Children’s colouring drawstring bag

Non-woven drawstring bag (80 m / g²) with drawing to colour and inner pocket. This product is supplied with 4

EAGLE. Box with 6 crayon

Cardboard box with 6 crayons.

FAUNE. Colouring set

Wooden set for painting. This set contains 3 figures with hanging ribbons and 4 colouring pencils.

JAGUAR. Colouring set

Cardboard painting set. This set includes 8 crayons and 8 cards with drawings, to colour and hang.

MEMLING. Pencil box with 6 coloured pencils

Box with small fluorescent wooden colouring pencils (supplied sharpened).

NILO. Children’s colouring apron

Non-woven kids apron (80 g/m²) with drawing to colour, side pocket and 4 markers.

OSTADE. Colouring set

Painting set with 10 small (sharpened) colouring pencils, water colours with brushes and 1 sharpener.

PARROT. Pack of 4 chalk sticks

Box with 4 coloured chalk sticks.

ROLS. Pencil box with 6 coloured pencils

Cardboard and plastic cylindrical sharpening box with colouring pencils.

TEJO. Travel cup

PP and PS travel cup with flexible straw and capacity up to 200 ml. The cup is supplied with 3