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Cervoise Stem 32cl (Pilsner)

A beautiful elegant footed drinking glass. 320ml Capacity.

Conique Half 10oz (28cl)

A modern straight sided half pint glass. 28 cl capacity.

Conique Pint Glass 57cl/20.1oz

A modern straight sided pint glass. 57 cl capacity.

Elegance Hiball Large34cl/12oz

A tall straight sided glass. 34 cl capacity.

Elegance Small Glass28cl/9.9oz

A straight sided glass. 28 cl capacity.

Granity Hi Ball Cooler 45cl

The 45cl Granity Hi-Ball glass has a solid and satisying feel, especially when it holds a nice cold drink!

Haworth Pint Tankard 20oz

A chunky glass tankard perfect for bitter or stout.

Hot shot (Boston) 6cl/1.9oz

A slightly flared shot glass, 60ml capacity designed for a double measure, one of a selection of shot glasses available

Islande (vodka) Glass 6cl/2oz

This tall slim shot glass has the capacity to hold a double measure.


If its time to celebrate, the Savoie Flute glass is a superb choice for holding that bubbly.

Seattle Wine Glass 25cl/250ml

The smart Seattle wine glass is available in 31.5cl and 25cl sizes.

Seattle Wine Tall 310cl/310ml

The smart Seattle wine glass is available in 31.5cl and 25cl sizes.

Tulip Pint Glass 58cl CE mark

A classic double curved pint glass with CE mark. 58 cl capacity.

Willi becher Jubilee Half 39cl

A modern curved half pint glass. 39 cl capacity.

Willi Becher Pint

A modern curved pint glass with a CE mark. 57 cl capacity.